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Quick Toot

Quick toot is an emacs plugin that lets you post toots to any oauth-supporting mastodon instance. It is not a full fledged mastodon client that lets you read notifications and timelines, because while it pains to admit it, browsers are just better at that stuff. What browsers aren’t good at though, is editing text. That’s where quick toot comes in. Doing some work in emacs and want to post a quick toot to mastodon? Run M-x qtoot and start typing right away. C-c C-c will post the toot in the current buffer to an instance of your choice.


Below is a list of planned/completed features

Feature Completed?
Oauth login
Basic toot
Toot with Content Warning
Scheduled toot
Reply to another toot
Sending a DM
Reading DM’s (text only)
Reading replies to your toots (text only)

Oauth login is done through a server application that handles the redirects that are part of the oauth protocol. The server runs at . The application is completely open source and its source code can be found at or .


Screenshot of qtoot


Put qtoot.el somewhere in your load-path and require it. That’s all :)